COVID-19 Research Projects University of Amsterdam

The COVID-19 pandemic, caused by the coronavirus, is not only a healthcare crisis, but it also impacts many aspects of our lives. The University of Amsterdam and the Amsterdam University Medical Centers are intensively involved in the research related to this crisis. This website provides an overview of currently ongoing AI-based research performed at the UvA and the Amsterdam UMC related to the outbreak of the coronavirus. We understand under AI the whole life-cycle of data-driven research. Hence, the list includes data gathering projects or hackathons as well as computational modelling. With this overview, we aim to aid and encourage collaborative and interdisciplinary research, especially connect researchers developing AI methods and those having data that could benefit from AI-driven analysis.

Covid-19 and Computer Science
Covid-19 and Medical Research
Covid-19 and Law
Covid-19 and Humanities
Covid-19 and Social Science

Mailing list

We have created an email list for everybody within the UvA community to discuss their Covid-19 research. Please join us at At the moment, we are only allowing UvA accounts to register. We are happy to hear about your work whether it is still at the planning stage or already an advanced collaboration.


If your research is not listed, please send us an email and we will be happy to update the overview.
Contact: Ivana Isgum (, Tobias Blanke (